Hmmmmm Smoothies

I can remember the day went smoothies were all the rage and everybody wanted one on tap. New smoothie stores started opening, local shops sold them in little cartons. I am confident to say that everybody has probably tried one.

Why should I make one?
To be fair, the best time to make a smoothie is only when you have time to make a smoothie. Most people in the morning are rushing and running around, desperate to get into the car and head off to work. If people want to have a better start to the day then they need to make time in the morning to have a proper breakfast. The majority of good nutrition books will explain that eating breakfast in the morning helps to regulate blood sugar levels and energy. Moreover, an individual having breakfast will begin their metabolism earlier in the day and therefore you can burn more fat and calories. If you are the person that skipped breakfast and doesn’t eat until lunch, it is fair to say that your metabolism is not as effective and therefore you increase the risk of storing the carbs and fats that you eat at lunchtime.

Whats in a smoothie?
The morning is one of the best times to get in your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. Most cereals do include a lot of these however these are normally processed into each grain/flake. Take Iron for example, a packet of cornflakes does show a good level of iron to be present. In reality this Iron is a powdered version of actual Iron as used in industrial equipment for example. The Iron in these mass produced cereals is not natural. In fact you could technically pick it up with a magnet, a very powerful magnet. A smoothie is a very good source of carbohydrate and protein. Protein is now becoming more common requirement to take in in the morning. You’ll be in taking a good source of healthy carbohydrates such as fructose. This comes from fruit and is later converted into glycogen to help the body create energy.

Always keep the fruit bowl full

Always keep the fruit bowl full

Ok, give me a recipe
For all those of us that follow TeamSky pro cycling, I follow the team sky chef on twitter (@teamskychef). In all of the Team sky replica jerseys Soren Kristiansen has managed to get one of his smoothie recipes stitched on the inside of the jerseys. Therefore, if it’s good enough for Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome then it’s good enough for me. The world is a recipe that I use as and when I have time to make a smoothie:

1 banana
1 apple peeled and cored
a handful of frozen forrest fruits
150ml of semi skimmed milk
150ml of low fat yogurt (greek or natural)
juice from 1/2 lemon
dash of honey

There is no messing about with this, you just place all of this into the blender and give it a good blast for about two minutes. A good tip is also at an ice cube or 2 to get it really cold. You can if required, include a scoop of your favourite protein or other sports supplements you may take. This way you can even have breakfast on the go and you won’t be late for that all important meeting in the morning. So my advice, get up five minutes earlier and make yourself a smoothie and enjoy the rest of your day full of energy.

Recommended reading

NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition (Campbell and Spano)


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