No better time to go open water

The sun began to reach temperatures of 25 degrees over here in the Northwest of England. With the weather having kept most of our open water venues to cold to swim, today was perfect.

Eccelston Delph had a surface temp of 18/19 degrees and holds a 500m loop. It is a nice swim at the delph and theres always a lot of divers there with their expensive underwater oxygen tanks. Today, i had a swim partner with me who had never swum in open water before. She is a good swimmer but needed the experience for her first open water race in a weeks time. After a few pointers on getting the wet suit on, like….
1) turn it inside out but not at the ankles and wrist sections, this makes it easier for you to get your feet and hands in.
2) put your feet in and start to pull it up over your knees and up to your waist, making sure you don’t stretch or puncture it.
3) Lift it as high up to your belly button as possible and then start feeding your hands through the arm sections. Again be careful when shifting it up your arm that you don’t puncture the neoprene.
4) once both arms are in, you can grab the zip cord and lift it above your head, and with your other hand hold and pull down at the bottom of where the zip starts. This straightens the zip and makes it easier to zip up.
5) This nice lady will show you how

That done! when got in and the first thing to do is try and get a bit of water down your front by pulling the neck collar out a bit. It is cold at first but it will warm you up, and keep you warm and also help you flow and give you buoyancy when you get swimming. We did 3 laps in total, although we had brief moments of screaming each time Anna spotted a fish. Yes, fish in water, not that weird so you will have to get used to it. Another thing that tends to freak people out is not being able to touch or even see the bottom. Whatever is down there, will stay down there. after our 1500m swim, we get out and I mention to Anna the slight loss of balance, mainly due to the cold water getting in and around the ears. It only takes a second until you find your feet, but can prove difficult in a triathlon when you need to get on a bike immediately.

It is great fun and I recommend anyone, even the non swimmers, to go and give it a try.