I am a Champion!

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At the beginning of this week I was named a SportPursuit Champion. In a nutshell, they sponsor me, and I endorse them in my racing and training etc.

The company is a new members only sportswear and equipment company. But there is a twist – they don’t follow the same lines as other more commercial sports companies. They handpick the brands that they deal with, even new and unknown innovative brands (heres a list). When I say members only, anyone can join, and when you do, you are then open to a world of heavily discounted equipment from tents and outdoor clothing, to running socks and cycling kit. Im talking about 50%-70% off all products. And, if you sign someone else up, you qualify for a £10 off voucher. The company is very dynamic as the sales, discounts, products and brands are consistently changing week by week, BUT…..the sales are only on offer for limited times and each product/sale has a countdown timer. You can also follow them on twitter  and facebook  to keep in the loop with new brands etc.

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To be chosen all I had to do was to send them some information about who I am and what my goals are. Thankfully, they thought my running, cycling and swimming was interesting enough to pick me. They have offered me to take a trip to London and meet the people behind the brand as well as the other  Champions (Jonny Muir, Joe Rass, Traviss Willcox,Sophie Radcliffe, Simon Shanks). We are simply required to train, race, blog and wear the cool shark fin brand logo with pride. Because the company is still rising to the top, as Champions, we’re here to make it happen faster, to get the word out to the ground troops so to say. By all accounts, with the huge discounts, it appears to me that SportPursuit are here to help us all. SportPursuit will be following and supporting the Champions in our local and international races. To follow this up, this is only the first year of the Champions program, which tells me that there could be even more opportunities for people to get involved as a Champion for 2014. So keep your eyes peeled.

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My plan….train, train, train. Follow me on twitter @_granto